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tragic jack

Tragic Jack is a Nebraska based project from songwriters Charles Hull and Marty Amsler. Exploring broken relationships, sordid characters, and unfortunate events, Tragic Jack delivers original Rock/Pop songs performed with conviction and groove.

"...a predominantly piano-driven sound that combines characteristics of Amsler’s indie rock and Hull’s blues, with straightforward song structures, bouncy piano and guitar progressions and Hull’s emphatic, Jagger-esque vocals." Daily Nebraskan

The project was born in the summer of 2013, when Hull and Amsler began writing together on Sunday afternoons at Silver Street Studio in Ashland, Nebraska. Amsler, fresh off a one-time reunion show with his former major label band The Millions, was interested in developing new material and getting back on the stage. Hull, owner of Silver Street Records, was keen to advance years of songwriting and production into a live band with a big sound. 

"Their balanced pop-rock melodies ride through keys, guitar and cello. Hull’s vocals are rich and blues centered, with lyrics full of romance and conviction. " - KZUM 89.3

Over the next three years and many Sunday afternoons, Hull and Amsler slowly crafted a diverse catalog of original songs flavored by the Rock, Soul, Gospel, Jazz, Indie, and Pop influences of the writing duo. 

“...their dynamic range really sets them apart. They’re not a one volume, one type of song/sound type of band.” Eli Mardock, Owner and Talent Buyer at The Royal Grove.

In the summer of 2016, Hull and Amsler rounded out the Tragic Jack live sound with the addition of Lance Lehman on guitar and Brent Vignery on drums. The group is now actively performing in the Omaha/Lincoln area, and recently released their debut album, ‘Glasshouse Town’ - available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and all other major streaming and download retailers.