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Slowdown Sept 17th

Tragic Jack will be opening for Matt Whipkey and Angelo Delsenno at The Slowdown in Omaha, Nebraska on Saturday, Sept 17th at 9pm. Tickets are $5 advance, $7 day of show.

Seattle based singer-songwriter Angelo Delsenno was born in the American heartland city of Omaha,Nebraska. Delsenno grew up in in an Italian-German American blue-collar household. DelSenno’s youth was consumed with religion and finding hard work on farms, in steel mills, and meat packing warehouses. At age 22 he left Nebraska and moved to the culturally rich Pacific Northwest to pursue a musical career. Years later, never forgetting his past, with a collaboration of talented artists Delsenno has found his voice through a poetic and heartfelt newly released EP self-titled “Angelo Delsenno and the Empty Sky.” Delsenno’s musical influences tap into the vocals of the Heartland Rock powerhouse Bruce Springsteen which are accompanied by lyrical undertones that resonates depth similar to Bono of U2 and alternative rock artists Nick Cave, Tom Waits, and Mark Lanegan. His compositions are packed full of cinematic qualities that echo ghostly sounds infused by Delsenno’s distinctive brooding voice. Angelo Delsenno’s melodies are powerful Americana Rock sentiments that are centered on his native Nebraska with thoughtful undertones influenced by his adopted Seattle.

Matt Whipkey is an acclaimed singer songwriter and guitarist from Omaha, NE. Whipkey’s 2013 double album “Penny Park: Omaha, NE: Summer 1989,” is his most ambitious work to date. Having earned the Omaha Arts and Entertainment Awards for artist and album of the year in 2013, Whipkey’s live band features some of the city’s finest. In a town internationally renowned for top tier songwriting, Whipkey balances musical execution with artistic instinct.